Camping At Rocky Mountain National Park

His pastimes are reading, camping, and hiking.  He and Julie spent their honeymoon at Rocky Mountain National Park camping, and have been back there to camp and hike probably eight times since they were married.  He’s still trying to convince her to buy a cabin in the area!

He’s a die-hard Cubs fan (is there any other kind?) and ravenously follows British Premier League soccer.  Also, not too surprising, he plays with computers in his spare time, building them, and playing with voice-over-IP software.  He and his family are long-time Doctor Who fans (a BBC sci-fi series) and are now hooked on a spin-off show.  If there is a new episode of NCIS, or a rerun for that matter, he’ll be watching.

Jack says Klein is a wonderful place to work, because he is takes full responsibility for everything he develops.  It is a blast to be able to investigate and develop things from the ground up, and to turn them into a working product.  Back in 1996 and 1997, he worked on our first web forms for a long-time customer, who is still using those applications today.  The Internet has evolved considerably since then, and we have added a lot of Internet services as well.  He says it’s been fun seeing how things are evolving on the Internet and trying to figure out how we can help our customers use the new technologies as well.

When I asked Jack what advice or message would you like to pass on, he stated, “Live life for now.  It’s easy to rush by doing things without taking the time to live and enjoy them.  Do things well, and take your time to do them right.  Oh my gosh, I sound like my father now!”

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